Rules & Regulations

The Schedule

• Teams shall be divided into groups of 4, and will play matches with each other once, in their respective group.
• Criteria for evaluation:
– A win will fetch the winning team 2 points.
– An abandoned match will get both teams a point each. (League Stage)
– A loss – Nil Points.

Rules and Regulations

The Match Officials along with the Match Referee will be the deciding authority on all on-field issues. Request all the teams to accept their decisions in the spirit of the game.

1. The Tournament will be called the “ABR Sports – Challenger’s Series – VII.”

2. A player shall represent only one Team in the Tournament.

3. Teams are requested to field a maximum of 14 member squads. The players list to be submitted prior to the start of the Tournament and only those players mentioned in the list will be allowed to play during the entire Tournament.

4. Balls will be provided by Organizers.

5. All teams will turn out for their respective games in full cricketing whites.

6. Kindly Note that any player not wearing full cricketing whites will strictly not be allowed to play in that particular match.

7. Each match would comprise 20 over’s a side subject to weather/ ground conditions.

8. All the matches will be played during the weekends and all General Holidays.

9. All match rules shall be subject to weather/ ground conditions and the playing terms shall be modified suitably.

10. In case a match is delayed owing to bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances, it would be left to the discretion of the umpires officiating the match, to curtail the number of over’s to be played by each side.

11. In case one side has played the full quota of over’s before bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances delay the start of the opposing team’s innings, it would be left to the discretion of the Umpires officiating in that match to decide the number of over’s that would be taken into consideration for deciding the match. However, in case the team batting second does not get any over to play, the match would be abandoned and declared a draw with the two teams sharing one point each.

12. A minimum of 8 over’s will constitute a match.

13. The 20 overs should be bowled within 80 minutes of the first ball bowled. Each over bowled after the stipulated 80 minutes would incur a penalty of 10 extra runs to be added to the score for each such over.

14. The timings will be strictly noted by the umpires and the scorer, and if for any reason noted that the Batting side or the Bowling sides are wasting time unnecessarily, the team will be penalized accordingly.

15. Each bowler is permitted to bowl a maximum of 1/4 of total overs per match.

16. Fielding restrictions apply during first 6 overs of Compulsory Power Play wherein only 2 fielders are allowed to field outside the 30yard.

17. In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points in the league phase, the Quotient Rule will be applied to decide the teams that would go through to the next round. The quotient will take into consideration the net run rate of each of the teams. The team with the better net run rate will go through to the next round. In case any team is all out before the stipulated quota of overs, the full quota of overs would be taken into consideration for calculating the net run rate.

18. In the event of a draw or tie in the league phase, each team will be awarded 1 point.

19. Each match would be adjudicated by 2 Umpires. The decision of the Umpires would be final and binding on both the teams.

20. The organizers are not responsible for the postponement of the event due to any unforeseen/ natural circumstances.

21. Request for postponement and/or shifting of matches shall not be entertained. Kindly adhere to this rule as it becomes very difficult to make any changes.

22. Any disputes/complaints by a team will have to be formally reported to the Match Umpire immediately upon completion of the match with a protest fee of Rs. 1000/-. Moreover, the complaining team’s captain shall need to be specific about his complaint and both the captains should cooperate and accept the decision of the officials in the right spirit of the game.

23. If any team arrives more than half an hour late, the match would be treated as forfeited and the other team shall get a walkover.

24. All teams should be present at the ground 30 minutes before the start of their scheduled match. In case a team is late, a penalty of 10 runs per over will be applied at 4 minutes per over up to 30 minutes after which there will be the forfeiture. Also, there will be a corresponding reduction in overs for the match.

25. Every team has to carry its own playing kit.

26. Any team/team member or their supporters indulging in violence or bringing the game into disrepute of any kind (to be decided by the match umpire) will be disqualified from the tournament with immediate effect and the entry fee will not be refunded.

27. The Match Umpires and the Match Referee shall decide awards for the ‘Man of the Match’ , the ‘Fair Play Trophy’. Their decision shall be considered final and binding.

28. In matters of doubt not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the Match Umpires and Match Referee will be final and binding upon all concerned.

29. The match committee reserves the right to amend these rules at any time if it considers such an action to be in the best interests of the tournament.

Result (Knock Out Stage- QF, SF, Finals)

1. A side which has scored in its innings a total of runs in excess of that scored by the opposite side in its completed innings shall win the match.

2. If a match ends in a tie, the winner shall be declared as under:
a. Super Over Decider.
b. If (a) is equal, the winner shall be decided by the spin of coin by the Captains in the presence of Umpires.

3. If the team batting second does not get a minimum of 8 overs, the match shall be decided by the spin of coin by the Captains in the presence of the Umpires

4. Declaration is not permitted.

Playing Hours

First match: 8.00 am to 9.20 am 1st session, 9:30 am to 10:50 am 2nd session

Second Match: 11.00 am to 12:20 pm 1st session, 12:30 pm to 1:50 pm 2nd session

Third Match: 2.00 pm to 3:20 pm 1st session, 3:30 pm to 4:50 pm 2nd session

*All teams should report 30 min before the schedule of the match. The team reporting late will be penalized accordingly, at the discretion of the umpires & organizing committee.

*Match Referee/Officials shall be the Final decision makers under any circumstances during the entire Tournament.

Please Do Not Litter the Ground @ABR Sports